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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Nope, not my waistline after my lunch at Olive Garden today! Today was an awesome day out with my friends. It was what we have started calling our "sanity lunches" just fun, food and friends. While out with my friends I was looking around the restaraunt and it got me thinking. While I am focusing my time and energy with this business here on the home front, that doesn't mean I am not willing to travel. There aren't a great number of businesses that cater to women during the postpartum period like I do. So far the info I have found seems to be limited and pricey! Contact me for info if you are not within the state of Utah but interested in having Time 4 Me come and assist you during those first few days home from the hospital with your brand new bundle of joy. Check out our updated pricing page for an idea of what you may be looking at, but as always, these are just estimates. We need to discuss your families needs for me to be able to give you a solid figure. Thanks for looking and have a good night!

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