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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Boot Camp

You have earned the carseat carrying rights into motherhood. Delivery is over, you are EXHAUSTED but thankfully you also have at least 2 days with Dr's and Nurse's that know what they are doing. They see over 300 babies a year. This newborn thing. They've got it! Thank goodness for modern medicine right? So, while in your exhausted stuppor what will be happening? Once you are transferred to the post partum unit you and baby will be again reunited. Where has baby been? In the nursery. One on one with a nurse, getting a full work up. As long as everything checks out normal (don't worry, that cone head that's all squishy on top or the bruise your baby has on it's arm, even the little baby zits that have appeared, all normal) your pediatrician most likely won't see your baby until tomorrow. What are the normal things your nursing staff is watching for? They are listening to your babies heart rate, counting it's breaths per minute and taking it's temperature. Are you freaking out because your babies hands and feet are blue! Holy Crap! Just kidding, perfectly normal too. Your baby is learning to regulate it's own circulation and temperature. Cuddle your baby close and give it a couple of days and this will subside. :)
So what is the nursing staff expecting from you? We are expecting you to let us know if baby has wet or messy diapers. We want to know when it feeds and for how long. If you feel like you are nursing ALL the time, you very well may be. Colostrum digests in 45 min. No wonder baby acts hungry hu? What should you expect from us? We will check mom and baby to make sure things are normal and staying normal. While we will help you take care of things, we want you to be as independant as possible when you go home so you don't go through the oh holy crap I can't push the call light here syndrome.

My next few thoughts are just dirty little secrets that I have learned over my many years working on the postpartum unit and from having raised 2 little blessings myself. But, before that, I found an awesome article on WebMd with great info on those first few hours/days with baby and what's normal/not. It talks more technical talk then I would get into here but non-the-less I thought it was an awesome article. Go here: Is my newborn normal if you want to read it. Now the dirt. (Disclaimer: keep in mind these are my opinions, there may or may not be medical evidence to support them but I have seen A LOT of babies and several different types of family dynamics) 1. Most of the staff doesn't believe in "nipple confusion" 2. Sometimes until your milk comes in a little (5-10ml) formula will make all the difference in the overall contentment of the baby. 3. We don't mind when you send your baby to the nursery for the night with a bottle. But don't expect to breastfeed exclusively and go 3-4 or more hours between feedings. If you feel like you just sent your baby to the nursery and now we are bringing it back to you. That's because it's hungry again! Lol 4. Hand hygiene is IMPORTANT, make sure your visitors are using hand sanitizer and/or washing their hands. 5. Don't let visitors come if you are tired! It's ok to say no. If you don't wanna turn them away, we are more than happy to do so. That also goes for your other children. Send the daddy home! He can watch over your little family while you and baby get the needed rest to Take On Life after the hospital. 6. Most of the delays in your care or discharge are due to the Dr.'s. We have to call them, wait for them to call back, give them certain test results or information and then implement whatever instructions they give us. It's like kindof a process. 7. Going home isn't just as easy as putting baby in the car seat and leaving. (stupid legalities and paperwork) 8. We really DO want to do whatever we can to help you in the decisions you have already made for your baby. You just have to be open and honest about what it is you want. We don't read minds. 9. Be flexible. We have to be and the nature of parenthood should make you do so to. :) and last but not least......10. Remember that we can't go home with you (although, you could hire Time 4 Me) but we want you to be prepared TO go home so listen and take in as much as possible. Write things down, whatever you have to do. Although it is a job for the nurses and Dr.'s we really are so excited for you. This is a major life milestone and is such a blessing. Congratulations and best of luck. The newborn period goes by so fast. Take time to smell the baby lotion and snuggle your little.

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  1. This is great! It's always good to give everyone a realistic view on their hospital stay :-) This would have been so helpful back when I had my smalls. Good job