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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bananas, Peaches and Peas. Oh my!

Humans, even little humans won't last long on a liquid diet.We have so many food choices for us big humans, or should I say, more experienced humans that it's hard to decide what to feed ourselves. Now our littles are dependant upon us for their food choices too. Ugh. Luckily as parents we usually do better by our children than we do by ourselves. The first 4 months or so are the easiest in the fact that it is a liquid only diet. Breast milk or formula ONLY. Remember, while I am trying to give you the perfect facts I am far from perfect. I am the naughty mom who's baby wasn't gaining enough wait (although she was bottle fed) and who had reflux so bad that the thin formula would undoubtedly come right back up SO, what's a new mom to do? Nope, I didn't seek out medical advice. I wasn't that smart. I googled. Lol. I cut an X in one of the nipples of her bottle and I mixed some rice cereal with her formula. Not only did she quit refluxing so bad but she also started sleeping through the night longer. There, there is my dirty little secret. Do as I say not as I did, right?
So how do you know when your baby is ready to start experimenting outside of the world of breast milk or formula? Here are some things to watch for.....
  • Can he hold his head up?
  • Will he sit in a highchair?
  • Does he shows interest in food? No, not your Diet Coke, your food. Mama doesn't EVER share her Diet Coke. Lol. (If only that was true, right?)
  • Does he move his tongue back and forth? If you give him a little something is he able to keep the food in or does he push the food out with his tongue?
  • Is your little tank still hungry after 8 to 10 feedings of breast milk or 40 oz. of formula in a day?
Alright, baby looks ready for a real meal. Now what do you feed? If you are worried about allergies or anything my suggestion would be to start slow. It's better to avoid more allergic food like soy, dairy, eggs, fish and wheat. By slow I mean introduce something new only every 4 days. Feed baby breast milk or formula and then get some "food" ready. Start first with infant rice cereal. Mix 1tsp of cereal with about 4-5 tsp of formula or breast milk. It will be super runny but we are just introducing baby remember.If something you introduce baby to seems to not be a favorite just try it again in a few days. There is no "right" amount to feed your baby. He will require different amounts at different times. Don't try introducing new foods to baby if he is grumpy or tired. Some other great choices after infant rice cereal are pureed bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes and pears. Just like us babies would rather have sweet things so make sure and give your veggies first.
Keep feeding your baby breast milk or formula. There's no way you can replenish the important vitamins and nutrients that baby gets from breast milk and formula with solid foods. In addition to the nutrients imagine the calories. That little needs more calories than solid foods could ever cover.
So enjoy experimenting with your real life little person. Don't worry when he dribbles sweet potatoes or spits green beans at you. It's not the cooks fault or a problem with the food. It's all part of the fun for a baby of finding all the fun things they can do and the reaction they will get from you. Lol. Have fun getting the green beans out of your babies ears and don't forget to take time to stop and smell the baby lotion.

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