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Friday, August 19, 2011


This post is interactive my friends. Send the link to your friends in an email or post it to your facebook wall. I’m doing a contest for everyone! Yep everyone. Germany, Utah, Ohio, the Netherlands. Where ever you are following my blog from. What are you competing for? I am giving you one of the things that keeps me sane as a mom. MUSIC! $10 I-tunes gift card! So how are you gonna win that card? Here are the rules.
1. “Like” TIME 4 ME on Facebook. Here is the link to my Facebook Page.
2. Post a link to my blog on your Facebook page (yes you must have a Facebook account, this is the year 2011 people!)
3. On the TIME 4 ME Facebook page comment on my status about Pet Peeves. What’s the one thing that people do or say that as a mother makes you CRAZY!!!
4. Comment on this blog post. Not just a lame comment. Something more than a sentence. Something you like about my topics, a topic you want covered an experience you’ve had as a new mom that other moms could benefit from. Give me something good!
NOW HIRING-blog contributors. The pay is awesome; it pays zero dollars and zero cents. :)  You get the satisfaction of knowing you have filled your computer time with something worth-while.  I am looking for a contributor. You can contribute as little or as much as you’d like.  Your posts won’t go straight onto the blog. I’m not that crazy. You will email me your topic and then your finished post. I will review it, edit it if I feel necessary and then post it. (or not post it if it’s inappropriate or suckish) Email me your goods and when it makes it to the blog you get all my praise and thanks. I will be sure to feature you as the writer for that post. This isn’t an anyone and everyone kinda gig. I will take the first 3 truly interested people. You are thinking…..why would I want to be a contributor? The blogs is growing fast and furiously. You will be free to advertise yourself or link to your product at the end of each post you write.  SO, email me your first entry along with a little background about yourself and a couple sentences as to why you want to be a contributor.  Also if you will be advertising a product or service I will need to know what that is also. The last thing you need to know is if the service you offer is at all like my own then I won’t be accepting you as a contributor. If you aren’t sure exactly what the crazy lady here does then check out my website. No way I can let the competition in. Not yet anyhow. LOL.
O.K! Good luck with the contest and email me at if you want to be a contributor.


  1. I missed step #4! sorry, I thought it was a "do one of these options to enter the contest" lists ;-) I love love love your open and honest advice, even when it means you're telling on yourself (bacon and a coke, please!). Keep it up, I know it's helpful advice since it's coming from experience.

  2. I live your blog and your honesty, but most especially how non- judgemental you are when it comes to parenting.

    I'd love to see topic about separation anxiety. My 17 month old is the biggest momma's boy there is, and while I don't mind it at all, he's going to be attending the nursery class at our church soon, and he is just not ready. Tips? Would it be awful to just keep him with me during church and not send him to nursery until later?