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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The built in babysitter!

No, I'm not the built in babysitter. Lol. While I would love any and all business that I could get for TIME 4 ME, I'm not talking about the kind of help I provide. (That was an awesome business plug hu?) I'm talking TV people. Sponge Bob, Moose A. Moose, Handy Manny, Dora. You know, all the best of children's programming. Where would some of us be without Disney and Nickelodeon?
It's one of those things that as parents we know isn't "recommended". The experts all warn us. "It's harmful to their development.", "the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages TV viewing in the first two years of life, but only six per cent of parents are aware of this advice despite ongoing publicity.” "TV watching and DVD's aimed at infants can actually delay language development." (Please don't pay attention to my punctuation, I know it isn't right. I watched too much TV as a child.)
So what about those of us that succumb to the pressure? My husband and I are among them. I had the best of intentions. Only watched PBS, had a 2 hr a day rule. Those good intentions and great rules lasted until my baby girl was..........3 months old. Lol. Are you beginning to think I fail as a parent? Not only do I bottle feed but I also allow my children to watch TV so young! Ugh. The truth is out. I am FAR from perfect. I wanted so badly to be a SAHM but alas, that wasn't in the cards for our family. I did find a happy medium for us, I worked nights while the hubs worked days. The kids were never without a parent. The sacrifice was my sleep and I guess my children's non-TV activities. It was during one of those omg!please don't make me get off this couch mornings that our relationship with Playhouse Disney began.
I admit, it's not the best parenting. But I hope that I am in good company. It's one of those guilt sources that I think, I hope, other parents also experience. It's my duty as a mother to steer my children towards good things. I want them to connect with good things and learn to be good people. There is a right and wrong for everyone, and maybe I am one of the lucky ones but I feel like TV has assisted me in not screwing up this aspect of parenting. Let's take Spongebob for instance. Little yellow guy who is always happy, always smiling, LOVES to work. Why wouldn't I want my kids to be that way. I often used Spongebob as my back up when my kids were younger. I would get resistance when I asked them to do something and I would point out, "would Spongebob tell Mr. Crab's no? or would he do what he was asked?" Lol.
For those of you who are good at limiting TV exposure or don't have one at all, teach me. Teach us. What trick do you have that have worked for you. Is it a lifestyle thing? Is your husband on board and that's part of what makes it work? For those of you that are like me, or are starting to be. There's your excuse. Just remember to do what will be best for your family and yourself. My children have turned out to be bright, healthy and I hope well adjusted adolescents.

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