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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Angry Birds!!

I love playing the game on my phone and I saw the cutest thing on Pintrest so I decided to give it a try myself. Turns out it's super simple and super fun. A few yarn poms some google eyes and then some dixie cups as your structure and you have your very own NON DIGITAL Angry Birds Game. So fun!

I found a great tutorial for making yarn pom poms HERE. You can make a bazillion pigs and birds for so cheap if you take the time to make the yarn pom. Then for the eyes I just got a pack of like a bazillion google eyes from the craft store and the beaks, noses, ears and teeth are just small shapes cut from craft felt. To make the nose holes I just used a black sharpie and put two dots on it. I can seriously probably make 50 sets of these for the $8 I spend on yarn, felt and google eyes. I'd like to be uber creative and think of a Christmas lesson or saying that go along with them and then use them for neighbor gifts next year.

Cutest Bird and Pigs EVER!

Seriously, kids love them. I was just on vaca with my little family in St. George, Utah soaking up some sun. We hit a neighborhood park so the boys could throw the ball around.

My pink was supposed to be helping me make them. Well....that didn't turn out.

But....before I knew it there were children (who I presume lived around that neighbor) that were walking up to us and asking what I was doing. So...I told them and OF COURSE they wanted their own Pigs. Lol. Good thing I had a stock in my bag. I probably handed out as many Pigs and I was able to make poms.

So for the parent that is like me and HATES the finger prints on the phone screen or doesn't trust the littles with the Ipad now you can make them their very own angry birds.

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