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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If ya can't beat 'em, motivate 'em.

When my kids were little I brushed their teeth religiously, bathed them every night in summer and every other in the winter (my kids have crazy eczema skin). Taught them the importance of washing their hands. Started putting hand sanitizer everywhere because I don't trust my kids to wash their hands for 20 seconds. Alas, I have been defeated. Between my working nights, my husbands job and his church responsibilities my children are left to their own devices often. Don't worry, they are turning 14 and 11. Totally old enough to handle it. EXCEPT......making sure they shower and brush their teeth. I know right? I can't even believe it myself. Judge me if you will but if they don't shower it's not for my lack of reminding them and believe me, on nights that I'm home we have no problems.
So...I went to my fail proof way of getting them to do whatever I want. :) Bribery. Best part? They think they are EARNING the money for their good hygiene habits. Bwhahaha! (Evil mother laugh)
Today I made a stop at my local Dollar Store and picked up a few things.

Yep...$4 total. Notice I picked stones that are a neutral color. I wanted them to match my bathroom and frankly, my kids are too big for fun bright cutesy things. The idea behind this will work for even toddlers, just choose your containers and fillers according to their age and likes. On with the project. I used the lettering and put my words of choice on the glass containers and then filled one with the pebbles and the other is for the pebbles after they accomplish the task. Again, younger children may need more instruction and assistance but I have already discussed with my pre-teens that they will
move 1 pebble each day for brushing their teeth morning and night and one for showering. (still can't believe my attempts at yelling, threatening and begging have left me with nothing left but bribery.)

So, my finished project came out pretty good if I do say so myself. Just a few minutes and less than $5 and we have our latest reward system.

Wash   Brush   Clean

The best part is as their reward for filling the "Clean" jar I am going to pay them for their efforts. We don't really do an allowance in our house so this is another great opportunity for my kids to earn money and they don't have to work as hard as they do when they clean their rooms and do their chores. Happy bribing!

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  1. I believe in Bribery. Negotiating with my small terrorist doesn't work!